You can pick any of the following options to reach Ibo... 
Depending on whether you want to deserve Ibo a whole lot or just a little :-)  ​
By Plane....

The easiest and fastest but most expensive solution. Only one operator:  Safari Air Africa, with offices in Pemba. They primarily offer charter service at the moment, but I would recommend you check with them about the possibilities of sharing a flight with other clients (5-6 seats onboard). The flight time between Pemba and Ibo is roughly 20 minutes.


The price for a charter to Ibo Island is $570.00 excluding IVA (17%) as well as passenger tax which is an additional $15.00 per passenger. Please contact David Svendsen (00258 817092716) for further enquires


P.S.: CR aviation stopped operating.

By road

​​Wether you travel with your own car or with private transfer or by public chappa ((truck/minibus), you will go through a short drive on good tarmac road and a long drive on dirt road (or the contrary in rainy season). Once in Tandanhangue, you will need a boat for a one-hour ride across to Ibo. There is only one daily public boat (leaves between 9am and 4pm depending on chappa bus arrival & tide) or you can rent a private boat (which needs to be organized a day in advance (please contact Baobibo. Please note that Tandahangue and Ibo cannot be reached on low tide.


Public transport:

The daily  chappa bus leaves Pemba every day between 4-5am from the center of Pemba (in front of the Mcel shop, along the sidewalk) – closest place to stay overnight are extremely basic: pensao Lys and pensao Baia. The time of the journey to Tandanhangue varies between 4 to 8 hours depending on the season, the road taken, and the number of stops. Once in Tandanhangue,look for the chappa boat, which is either waiting for you or arriving with incoming tide. Be prepared to wait a few hours (have drinks and snacks) if the tide is out.

The trip Ibo to Pemba by public transport is easier. The chappa boat leaves once a day between 5am and 2pm depending on tide, but there is always an announced approximate time of departure. Most of the time, the chappa bus is already waiting in Tandahangue for the trip to Pemba so you don’t have waiting time.


Prices: Chappa bus 300.- - 400.- Mts per person + Chappa boat 70.- Mts per per person


Private transfer

Private transfer is the most efficient, specially recommended from Pemba to Ibo as catching the chappa in Pemba is quite hectic. Baobibo can put you in contact with a reliable driver (Midi) who has several cars including minibuses sitting up to 12 persons. You then have the option to travel Ibo-Tandanhangue or Tandanhange-Ibo using the daily public boat (ensure correspondence) or rent a boat. Time of drive varies depending of season, between 2.5 to 4 hours, plus boat. Please do contact us if you opt for this option so we can assist you with your booking.



Private car+boat ibo-Tandanhangue or Tandanhangue-Ibo

15'000.- Mts (for up to 4 persons)

17'000.- Mts (for up to 6 persons)

Private boat Tandanhangue-Ibo or Ibo-Tandanhangue: 3'000.- Mts

By boat

Since the end of 2019, there is a regular public motor boat between Pemba and Ibo. There are 40 seats onboard so it is best to book in advance. The schedule is irregular but it runs between 2-3 times weekly in each direction and the one-way trip  takes between 4 and 5 hours. For more information, please contact us. 



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